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Connecting global like-minded investors, with unique locally sourced opportunities in hospitality real estate assets through a dedicated online platform

Creating value for Buyers


  • Explore investment listings based on your buying criteria and time horizon

  • Pre-vetted investment opportunities

  • Income generating assets


  • Access deal specific documents to streamline the underwriting process

  • Invest along GP in large assets deals


  • Online transaction closing process

  • Lower capital requirement

  • Fractional title-deed ownership for select properties in Dubai


  • Investor dashboard for performance tracking

  • Communications related to the project operational progress

  • Capital calls

  • E-statements and billing

  • Unit online bookings based on ownership entitlement

Creating value for Sellers


  • Screening and due diligence process

  • Financial assessment

  • Clear visibility for this particular asset class, as to property listing portals 

  • CRE technology


  • Property web page

  • Email campaign

  • Webinar presentation

  • Targeting specific qualified buyers looking for hospitality real estate assets 

  • Analytics


  • Data room for specific documents sharing

  • Fundraising

  • Efficiency by breaking up barriers of lengthy communications (phone calls, emails, meetings, viewings) 


  • Transaction closing process done online for faster conversion

  • Owners Management Module

Key considerations

Take advantage of reviving travel and hospitality market, through hotel room investment in Dubai as an income generating asset with potential for capital appreciation.

Co-Own offers the opportunity to gain a diversified exposure, to an attractive yielding asset class in multiple projects across the city.

Up to 4 investors will be issued individual fractional title deed, for a single property in  select projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operating assets, means immediate returns

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